Teeth in a Day

Harley Street same day, all on 4 dental implants

The “Teeth in a Day” Process Explained

This technologically advanced, new dental process is designed to provide a new set of teeth in a single visit to the dental practice, conveniently, quickly and with minimum discomfort.

Traditional dental implants can take 4 to 6 months to fuse fully with the jaw and only then can the dental crown be fitted to form the new tooth. Whilst this is an excellent way to replace a few missing teeth, replacement of a full set using this method can be prohibitively expensive and take a long time.

With ‘all on 4’ same day implants, just 4 special implants are used to anchor a complete arch of new teeth in place. Two of the implants are typically placed in the traditional fashion but the 3rd and 4th implants are placed at an angle designed to help hold the fixed bridge securely in position.

Although relatively new, the process is already popular, well-established and with a high success rate of over 95%.

Dental implants

The Advantages of “Teeth in a Day” Implants

‘All on 4’ implant placement takes advantage of new techniques designed to secure a full arch of teeth with the minimum number of implants – just 4 per arch rather than the 6 or 8 used traditionally. Fewer implants does not mean a weaker structure – the size and positioning of the implants ensures that the technique is equally as effective as traditional methods.

However, use of fewer implants means that there is less invasive disturbance of the underlying jaw structure and consequently the healing process is a lot faster – a clear advantage. The special implants used almost always avoid bone grafting and sinus lifts making it especially useful for patients with jaw bone loss.

Perhaps the clearest benefit of the process is that it can be completed in just one visit giving a new set of fully functional teeth in the same day!

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