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Can advice from a dental hygienist really save lives?

The hygienists at 77 Harley Street are very highly trained professionals who focus on preventive dental care. All of our staff, including the hygienists have undertaken extensive training to gain the levels of skill needed in their particular disciplines.
Surprisingly for some, the signs and symptoms of many common diseases and ailments show up in the mouth well in advance of elsewhere in the body. Consequently, dentists and hygienists are trained to recognise these symptoms so that early action can be taken to treat the condition.

Gum disease, or periodontal disease to give it its medical name, has recently been clinically associated with major conditions like heart disease, respiratory infection and the delivery of premature babies. Studies suggest that bacteria associated with periodontitis can enter the blood stream and spread to cause issues elsewhere in the body, for example causing problems with the heart and raising blood pressure.

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Keeping good oral hygiene

A good personal oral health regime incorporating brushing and flossing at home is excellent to help prevent some of these problems, however, alone it is insufficient. Regular visits to the dentist and hygienist are also essential to ensure that any oral condition can be caught early and acted upon. Some forms of gum disease start below the gum line and are not visible to the untrained eye – consequently regular checks by a trained and experienced hygienist are essential to ensure that problems do not go unchecked.

At 77 Harley Street we treat preventive dental care extremely seriously, so-much-so that we consider our hygienists to be amongst the most important members of our dental team.

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