Why Private Dentistry?

Advanced dental procedures can offer functional as well as cosmetic benefits

For those who use a private dentist on a regular basis in London, the benefits are clear and years of experience will have confirmed that you get the best possible procedures from a private dentist to keep your teeth looking bright and healthy.

The reality though is that a great many people still use the same dentist that they have used for many years, very often an NHS dentist, and most are reluctant to change. For these people in particular, we outline some of the benefits of using a private dentist below.

Whilst the vast majority of NHS dentists are highly skilled, the reality is that funding does not allow for treatment in a range of areas. Nearly all NHS dentists perform routine procedures such as fillings, extractions, crowns etc but not those that are usually deemed to be ‘cosmetic’.

why private dentistry in London makes senseBy choosing a private dentist in Harley Street you will usually be offered a wider choice of treatments as well as the regular extractions and fillings options. Some of these procedures such as tooth whitening, can be defined as strictly cosmetic but adult braces for example, whilst helping a patient correct misaligned teeth will also correct any problems with their bite which in turn can significantly help the chewing and digestion of their food. So it is also important to understand the functional benefits that ‘cosmetic’ dentistry can offer.

Even dental veneers, which are often used to mask badly stained teeth, can be used for correcting alignment issues with the teeth. As well as improving the function of a patient’s teeth though, cosmetic treatments do have a large role to play in a person’s confidence, how they feel about themselves and ultimately their overall well-being.

The extra procedures that are offered by private dentists necessitate training over and above that required for standard practise. If you examine the qualifications of many cosmetic dentists you will see that they undertake a wide range of training every year, often traveling overseas to attend the best courses int their chosen clinical disciplines. Equipment too is likely to be of the best quality at a private dentist as are the general practice facilities such as the waiting room which can provide a more pleasant environment than the stark waiting rooms which many of us know.

All in all though, if you currently use a NHS dentist, it is worth arranging a consultation with a London private dentist who will examine your teeth and discuss with you, the range of options available. You may well be surprised at the changes that are possible with the way your teeth look and function.

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