The art of minimally invasive dentistry

Doing only what is necessary….

It’s probably fair to say that not too many people really enjoy visiting a dentist, and whilst some may certainly be less concerned about it than others, most patients simply want to get away with having as little done as is practically possible and would like to get out of the dental chair as soon as they can. Of course, this is not always possible and particularly in cases where a more complex procedure is needed, it is important that care is taken rather than getting the procedure over and done with quickly. Under no circumstances will we put a patients dental health at risk by cutting corners to save time.

Whilst not specifically designed to save time though, our Harley Street practice’s policy of minimally invasive dentistry not only ensures that your dental health is looked after, but that the procedure is often performed more quickly than you may have expected.

What is Minimally Invasive Dentistry?

Minimally invasive dentistry, is simply as the term states; it is the practise of dentistry done only to the degree of what is absolutely necessary. That is to say that, if a tooth requires only a small filling, then that is all that will be done. The focus of our practice is to ensure that as much of the natural tooth is saved as is possible whilst ensuring the correct and most positive outcome of the procedure.

Another principle of our practice is that only the most appropriate dental materials are used in our procedures, with the objective that the maximum strength and longevity of a tooth is assured. This does sometimes mean that it is not the cheapest material available; however our primary focus is quality and ensuring that our patient’s teeth are well looked after and to the best of our ability.

As a patient of 77 Harley Street, in the heart of London’s medical area, you can be assured that all materials used within our practice have been subject to strict research and have been approved by professional dental bodies and institutions to ensure that they are fit for purpose.

Minimising Appointments

By ensuring that a procedure is performed with as little treatment as possible along with the use of top quality materials, we can also help minimise the number of appointments a patient may expect. Good procedures, using strong and durable dental materials certainly help to keep your visits to us as few as possible. However, we still recommend that you don’t neglect your regular check-ups and hygiene appointments!

Nervous Patients

The practise of minimally invasive dentistry also helps to ease the fears of those who are afraid of visiting the dentist. With both the guidance of our professional dental staff and the assurance that the procedure will only be as invasive as it needs to be, most dental phobics are able to keep their regular appointments and consequently keep their teeth in good condition throughout their lives.

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