Getting Back Into The Habit

Making an appointment with our Harley Street dentist may prevent future problems.

It is thought that around a third of people in the UK are afraid, to some extent, of visiting the dentist. Whilst most do generally keep their appointments, some do not and almost never go apart from when they are in so much pain that nothing could be worse. In some cases, sadly, it is likely that this pattern will continue for life and lead to major dental procedures each time and eventually the loss of most of their teeth.

Whilst it can be very difficult to reach some people, there are also many more for whom a regular dental visit seems not to be a major priority. In some cases, perhaps after an invasive procedure, this remains in the patient’s memory and as the next appointment approaches they choose not to ‘go through that again’ and don’t keep their appointment. This, of course, wastes the dentists’ time, but also means that any minor problems that could be spotted early on, such as gum disease, could well become a serious problem that may lead to invasive cleaning or even loss of teeth at a later point.

Dental decay too, if spotted early, can be removed and rectified with an appropriate filling. If left too long though, it may not be possible to do this and more complex treatment may be required. For example, if the decay has become too advanced, the tooth may need extraction leaving the patient to choose between a partial denture or an implant as replacement alternatives.

Cancelled Appointments

Sometimes too, it simply happens that something comes up at short notice which means that the appointment has to be unavoidably missed. In cases, like these, we do ask our patients to let us know as soon as they can. We are aware that this may happen from time to time as life is not always predictable, however some people forget to let us know and then may be too embarrassed to ring to make an alternative appointment. Once again, this sometimes gets the patient out of the habit of regular check ups which can then lead to problems such as those mentioned previously.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Whilst we accept that some people will always have some degree of dental fear, it may be reassuring for them to know that at 77 Harley Street we are committed to minimally invasive dentistry which means, in effect, that we will do no more to your teeth than actually needs to be done for the procedure to be effective.

Rather than removing a large amount of a natural tooth, we will always only remove the very minimal amount that we need to do, for example, to fit a crown. Our dentists undergo continual training to ensure that they are fully informed of the latest techniques and developments in the field of cosmetic dentistry, and the equipment that we use within the dental practice is kept up to date and is of a very high standard.

From the moment that you enter our dental practice too, you will be greeted in a warm and friendly manner and this will continue throughout the treatment too. We find that patients do respond to this and that it helps them to relax more during the procedure.

It should always be remembered that any invasive procedure that we need to perform will be done with a fast acting local anaesthetic which ensures that no pain is felt during your dental treatment.

For the aforementioned reasons, if you haven’t seen us for a while, we strongly encourage you to make an appointment and get back into the habit of regular dental check ups for the sake of your oral health. Prevention of course, is always better than cure.

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