Why Regular Dental Care is Important

Weakened Teeth are Vulnerable to Breaking

Whilst most people probably keep regular dental appointments to make sure that their teeth are in a good healthy condition, there are a significant number of people who do not. In some cases, this is down to fear of visiting the dentist but for others, there is a feeling that their teeth are fine and healthy without having to bother … thank you very much!

Whilst it may be true that some people have stronger ‘dental genes’, the fact is that no one is invulnerable to dental problems such as tooth decay or gum disease however well they look after their teeth. Even regular brushing and flossing, whilst highly important and effective, may not reach some parts of the teeth where decay may set in. One example area is at the back of the rear teeth; these can be very difficult to reach and if not regularly checked by a professional dentist, may well lead to tooth decay and a weakened tooth.

Broken Teeth

As it is our rear teeth which tend to take a lot of the pressure when we are eating, if these are weakened, it is not unusual for a breakage to then occur. This can be quite painful and may need invasive dental care, possibly even leading to extraction in some cases.

It isn’t just decay either which can weaken teeth. How many of us have been hit in the face when playing a sport, or perhaps even by a child’s toy thrown across the room? Mostly, unless it is obviously serious, we brush these off as we can see no visible damage. However, sometimes a tooth may have suffered a very fine crack that may be almost impossible to spot. An X-ray, on the other hand, may determine that the tooth is indeed damaged and may need treatment.

Talk to Your Dentist

At 77 Harley Street, we encourage our patients to tell us anything which may have been affecting their teeth, however small it may seem to them. By opening this dialogue, we are able to ensure that any potential damage may be treated as early as possible and therefore prevent more serious problems later on.


We also encourage our patients to visit our hygienist whose role it is to educate patients as to how best to look after their teeth. This can range from simple guidance on how best to brush their teeth and also floss (something which many people do indeed find difficult to do), through to individual guidance for those with specific health issues.

In some cases, health problems can show up in the mouth before their effects are seen in the rest of the body and visiting a hygienist may mean that these problems are spotted, and treated early on, helping not only your oral health but your overall health too.

Whatever your situation though and your ‘reasons’ for not visiting a dentist, this is, without a doubt, short term thinking and almost inevitably will result in dental problems.  Significantly more invasive procedures may then be needed than if you had kept regular dental appointments.

To book an appointment at 77 Harley Street, simply call us on 020 7580 9541 or contact us via the website. Our friendly and professional team are waiting to assist you.

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