The Importance of Flossing

A key element of good oral hygiene

Whilst most people accept the importance of cleaning their teeth twice daily as a part of their oral health regime, a significant number of people have a tendency to put their head in the sand when it comes to flossing, seeing it as an unnecessary extra thing to do when caring for their teeth. At our London dental practice in Harley street, we see a number of dental problems that would most likely have been prevented if the patient had flossed their teeth correctly.

Whilst brushing is of primary importance, it is almost impossible for a toothbrush to reach the areas where dental floss can reach. It is these areas that are then likely to see in increase in the buildup of plaque, a collection of bacteria which will eventually cause gum diseases such as gingivitis if not treated early on. The plaque tends to build up in these areas fed by tiny particles of food that get stuck between the teeth. Even without the plaque, these pieces of food can eventually cause tooth decay and potentially the loss of a tooth leaving the patient with a choice between dentures and dental implants if they don’t wish to have a gap in their teeth.

The most likely scenario though is gum disease. Whilst this is easily treatable in the early stages, very often by improving a patient’s oral health regime, if left it can cause sore and painful gums and also give off a foul smelling odour, i.e. halitosis. The most serious of all though is tooth loss, so at any early signs of gum disease such as soreness or bleeding gums, it is essential that you consult your dentist in London to have this looked at and treated if necessary as soon as possible.

Dental floss is not expensive and requires just a little extra effort to keep your teeth in great shape. Some people do however find flossing a little tricky but your dentist should be able to help you to discover the best techniques to floss. There are also a number of products on the market that do the same thing as floss which are perhaps easier to use so it is worth a look around at your chemist to find what suits you best. Whatever you do though, if you don’t already, add flossing to your oral health care and you will certainly improve the chances of having healthy teeth and gums well into your later life.

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