Dental Care and Your General Health

The association between dental health and overall well being

Perhaps because dentistry is seen by many as a separate profession from doctors, we often dissociate our teeth and overall oral health from the rest of our well being. Whilst this may be understandable it is also incorrect. As any good London dentist will tell you, your teeth can be a good indicator of your general health and can often provide early signs of problems that may arise if not treated promptly.

Whilst many people visiting a cosmetic dentist in London may be doing so primarily to make their teeth look nicer, they are also, often unwittingly, on the end of a check on their health. There are two main health risks which dental work can help to detect and avoid them becoming more serious.

The first of these may surprise some people, but increasingly poor dental health is being linked with heart problems and respiratory infections. Recent studies have shown that there is a likely correlation between the build up of plaque and tartar around the gums and heart problems. Whilst this research is not yet conclusive, the signs are that there is indeed a link and that plaque building up in the mouth is a possible sign that a similar thing is occurring in the blood vessels that supply the oxygen to our heart. There is some evidence that prevention of this build up can decrease the risk of it occurring in the blood vessels but if you are advised that you have a problem with this and you have not had a heart check up at your doctors, it is advisable to do so.

Another area where a skilled cosmetic dentist can aid your general health is in the early detection of oral and mouth cancers. This can take the form of a red patch in the mouth or sometimes a mouth ulcer that will not heal. Although we may stick our tongue out from time to time and check it, we are unable to see the detail inside of our mouth in the same way that a dentist can. Naturally, a dentist will not be able to treat the cancer but will recommend that you visit your doctor to have any suspicions checked out just in case.

On a less serious but relevant issue though, plaque is a collection of bacteria which damages the teeth and gums and is also a prime candidate for the cause of halitosis so it is worth ensuring that you visit your London dentist to prevent a build up in the first place.

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