Meeting the Oral Health Care of the Family

Catering for all the family’s dental needs in Harley Street

As you would expect, a dentist’s patients range widely in ages, from the very young to the very old and although teeth are at the heart of each appointment, the necessary treatment and the way in which the procedures are carried out may vary depending on the needs of the person involved. Age also is likely to determine the type of treatment that is needed. The older we get, the more likelihood there is of a person either losing or damaging their teeth, although of course, this can happen earlier in some people.

By using a reputable London dentist such as those at 77 Harley Street, you can be sure that we have the skills on hand to cater for all ages and procedures.

We are increasingly looking to our very young patients to ensure that they grow up with strong and healthy teeth and have an in house children’s dentist who has a special interest in the oral health of children.

To be an effective (and popular) children’s dentist, not only do you need the usual skills associated with a top dentist but also need to understand and have empathy with children and know how to communicate effectively with them without being patronising. This approach also helps to deal with those who are especially nervous but perhaps not old enough to take a medical approach to sedation.

Our children’s dentist not only studied dentistry but also child psychology, putting her in a strong position when it comes to a child’s oral health care. With this friendly approach, not only do children get the best care possible, but generally also listen better to a person who understands them and this can play a big part in our education programme for children, showing them how to take good care of their teeth and encouraging them to keep up good habits. This simple method will have a positive long term effect on their oral health.

Naturally though, these children will eventually become adults and although the likelihood of having bad teeth will be reduced by having had a good education about their teeth, it is inevitable that some may consider cosmetic dental surgery at some point, whether this is simply through the gradual process of ageing or perhaps an unfortunate accident which needs repair.

Because a trust can be built when young, these children will build up a confidence in the skills available at our dental practice and whether they come for a simple tooth whitening or a more involved dental implant in later life, we have every confidence that they will leave our dental practice feeling happy with the treatment that they have received.

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