Why Use Fluoride Toothpaste?

Long debated but there are advantages…..

Whilst there has been some debate about adding fluoride to water supplies, this has been done since the middle of the 20th century following the discovery that people in areas with high fluoride content had less cases of tooth decay than those in areas with lower content. Simply by adding 1 part per million to the water supply, it has been found that dental decay in children has been reduced by as much as 50%.

How Does Fluoride Protect Against Tooth Decay?

As with other process in our bodies, some of the enamel on our teeth is lost each day and replaced with new cells. This is caused by a process known as demineralisation which is caused by acid in our mouths attacking the enamel. The replacement process is due to the body depositing, calcium, phosphate and fluoride in turn to replace the lost enamel. When this process becomes out of balance and too much of the mineral content is lost, then decay becomes much more likely.

By adding fluoride to the water supply and adding it in toothpaste where it is, in effect, directly applied, the process of remineralisation is speeded up and helps to protect the teeth against decay.

Like all supplements, caution should be taken with fluoride, and additional supplements of it should not be taken unless specifically recommended by a medical expert. Likewise, children should always be encouraged to spit rather than swallow, as they are prone to do, and only a pea sized piece of toothpaste should be used when cleaning their teeth.

Consequences of Not Using Fluoride Toothpaste

Some people do prefer to use non fluoride toothpaste and whilst it is their right to do so, they certainly increase the risk of dental problems, especially if they continue to follow a ‘normal’ diet. Some who oppose its use do seem to have teeth that are in good condition but this is very possibly mainly due to a very healthy diet which few of us are able (or willing) to stick to.

For the majority of us living in Central London, our diets will be wide and varied and will inevitably contain sugar and other ingredients which act to attack the enamel on our teeth. Using non-fluoride toothpaste whilst on a ‘normal’ diet can lead to decay and potential damage or loss of teeth.

Should this happen though, we have a good range of modern cosmetic dental procedures and products at our Harley Street dental practice which will help to give you strong and healthy teeth. One of the most popular of these is the dental implant, which is, in effect, a fully functional replacement tooth which will last for well over twenty years on many occasions.

For most of us though, whilst implants and the like offer great replacements, we would prefer to keep our natural teeth for as long as possible and by using fluoride toothpaste and ensuring that we keep regular dental check ups, we give ourselves a very good chance of this for most of our life.

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