A New Set of Teeth in a Single Day

Same day dental implants in the heart of London – Harley Street

None of us plan to lose our teeth but sometimes this just happens. It may be through neglect or possibly an unfortunate accident but the reality is that it does happen from time to time. When this occurs, we are faced with three main options; leave large gaps, have a partial denture or have a dental implant Very few people choose to leave a gap in their teeth for obvious reasons whilst the vast majority opt for dentures. Gradually though, dental implants are becoming a popular alternative and definitely provide a better experience for the patient once they have been placed.

same day implants as an alternative to denturesHowever, dental implants, whilst being very successful are not always the best solution and do have a few disadvantages. The main two of these are the cost and also the length of time that the whole procedure takes. Because, once a dental implant has been placed, it needs to be left for around three months in order for it to be sufficiently secure enough to attach a crown to; this can be quite a long process without any replacement teeth. Also, if a large number of teeth have been lost then it can prove to be very costly.

However, an innovative treatment called all on 4 same day implants is rapidly becoming the option of choice according to most London dentists. It utilises the best of dental implants but without some of the disadvantages and the whole procedure can be done in a single day.

Initially x-rays are taken of the teeth and the jawbone and from these models are made which take into consideration both the appearance and bite. From this, a bridge will be made ready to be fixed into place. And this is where the magic of dental implants happens.

On the day of the procedure, a local anaesthetic will be administered and once this has taken effect any loose teeth will be removed. The 4 dental implants are then placed into the jawbone. The two at the front are fairly standard dental implants and are placed at the usual 90 degree angle. The difference with this procedure is in the rear dental implants. These are made from titanium like the standard ones but are of a specials design, making them suitable for those with low bone density in their jaws without a prior bone graft. These rear implants are very strong and they are typically placed at a 45 degrees angle which helps them to anchor in the fixed bridge tightly and securely. Once this has done, you will be able to leave the dental practice with a new set of teeth and will be able to eat almost immediately. It is advisable though to stick to softer foods such as mashed potato and soups for a while until the implants have had time to fully integrate with the jawbone. Once this has occurred you will be able to eat normally again.

This method has proved very successful and very popular with most people preferring them to dentures as they do not become loose in the mouth causing discomfort and embarrassment and they don’t need to be removed for cleaning. You simply brush and floss as you would with normal teeth.

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