Come on everyone, get happy!

Smile and the world smiles too….

Did you know that on average over the course of our lifetime we spend 115 days laughing? This may seem a lot but in fact it is three times less than in the 1950s. A BBC poll showed that in the 1950s 52% of people said they were happy compared to just 36% today.

The reasons behind a less happy populace are something psychologists and sociologists continue to research. In many ways people should be happier than in the 1950s, today people are wealthier with more disposable income and life offers greater convenience in terms of household tasks etc.

Research shows that our modern day happiness is affected by the growing stresses of modern living (long work hours, higher expectations etc), along with an increased frequency of divorce and family breakdown and our greater access to bad news, whether it be through the internet, text messaging, tv or email; the world and its woes are literally at our fingertips.

Feeling happy, smiling and laughing are incredibly important to our well-being, both physically and psychologically. The effects of stress and depression on the mind and body are well-documented. If you are finding that you are held back from expressing your happiness thanks to a bad teeth then why not consider dental implants?

Below are five reasons why dental implants are a great solution:

1.   Time can effectively be turned back, with missing teeth replaced

2.   Replacement teeth , with proper care, can last decades

3.   No more messy and uncomfortable dentures or bridges

4.   The technique is proven and achieves a 96% success rate

5.  Dental implants can boost self-esteem and give patients the confidence to smile once again

If you think dental implants could be the solution to improving your smile then call 77 Harley Street on 0207 580 9541 to discuss the process further.

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