Fed Up With Your Dentures?

Do you want to improve your appearance in just a single day?

Most of us, as we get older, will suffer a deterioration in our teeth. Whilst the lucky few who have strong dental genes may escape the worst of it, most of us will suffer some form of decay resulting in fillings or even extractions. Even those lucky few may be unfortunate enough to lose teeth in an accident….

Those teeth that do survive often become less appealing as we get older, becoming darker in colour as well as suffering cracks and chips. Whilst there are many excellent treatments for these problems such as tooth whitening and dental veneers, there often comes a time when enough is enough and rather than keep repairing our ageing teeth, it becomes a viable option to look at ways of replacing them. Of course we would only advocate this when a sustainable restoration of your natural teeth becomes impossible.


At our West London dental clinic we see a lot of patients who have partial dentures and many with full sets of dentures. Whilst most of these patients are reasonably happy with the way that they look, they are usually less than happy with the way that they feel and their overall effectiveness.

Even with the many improvements to dentures over the years, most people do find that dentures eventually move around in their mouth causing soreness of the gums as well as potentially embarrassing moments when they become loose when talking or eating in public.

Whilst most people do suffer in silence about this, an increasing number are turning to a relatively new procedure which has had great success called an ‘all on 4’ procedure or, increasingly, ‘teeth in a day’.

Teeth in A Day

This treatment essentially combines two dental procedures, a full bridge and implants, used together to replace a full arch of teeth. Combining a bridge and dental implants means that the patient can have a strong set of replacement teeth which should last for many years if looked after appropriately.

It could be asked why not simply use dental implants anyway? This may well work, but would be highly expensive if each tooth were individually placed and would require a long period of time to complete. Because the teeth in a day procedure only used 4 dental implants, it is a much faster solution.

In fact, as the name implies, it takes just one day to place these implants and attach the fixed bridge into place. This is due to the use of two specially designed dental implants which are used at the rear of the mouth and placed at an angle for maximum strength and support. This method ensures that the fixed bridge is anchored firmly and strongly into place in a single visit to the practice.


Whilst you will be able to eat normally after the teeth in a day procedure, it is advised that softer foods are eaten at first, largely for your own comfort. Inevitably, having dental implants placed can cause some soreness and eating softer foods for a short while will make the transition period much more comfortable for the patient.

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