How dental implants can lift the restrictions on your diet

Weak and Broken Teeth Can Spoil the Enjoyment of Eating

Every day that we turn on our TV, you can almost guarantee that at least one channel will be showing a cookery programme hosted by a celebrity chef. The range of food now available is extraordinary and there is little doubt that our palettes in the West have expanded more than our parents could ever have envisaged.

For some people though, watching these programmes can be very frustrating, especially when a food is mentioned that is described as ‘chewy’ or ‘crunchy’; these are words which are likely to be a source of concern for anyone whose teeth are not in the best of shape.

Harley Street Patients

At our Harley Street dental practice we see a wide range of dental problems,  but apart from those who are in pain, the most frequent complaint we hear from our patients is that they don’t feel confident when eating, feeling that their teeth are simply not up to the task.

Some of these patients have teeth that have been heavily filled in the past and the structure of them has become weaker. Because of this, they are reluctant to put any significant pressure upon their teeth for fear of them breaking. Others too may have had root canal treatment which whilst saving the tooth has left them uncertain as to how strong a bite they dare put upon the tooth.

Because of these concerns, these patients tend to avoid harder foods for fear of breakage and stick, instead, to softer foods. This is especially of concern for those who are elderly or those who are not in good health as it may restrict their intake of nutritional foodstuffs.

Dental Implants for Extra Strength

For patients such as these, we often suggest that they have any severely problematic teeth extracted and replaced with a dental implant.

Whilst other dental techniques offer excellent ways of saving or replacing a tooth and may last for many years, there is simply no beating a dental implant for strength and longevity. Most implants will last a patient for twenty years and they have been known to last for as long as thirty five years.

Not only this, but once the implant has been placed and has settled in after the osseointegration process is completed, there are no dietary restrictions whatsoever on what a patient may eat. Of course, it makes sense to eat softer foods initially and build up as confidence grows, but once fully established, dental implants will allow a patient to eat whatever they choose, and yes, that does include hard toffees should they wish to do so.

Care of Implants

It should be noted that whilst a dental implant will remain firmly in place and cause no problems under normal circumstances; neglect in cleaning the teeth and especially the gums around the implant may lead to gum problems which, if left untreated, may threaten the implant itself. Simple brushing of the teeth and flossing between them, however, will help to ensure that your implants stay in great condition for many years. If you would like more information we invite you to call the 77 Harley Street team on 020 7580 9541.

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