A dental procedure that will impress not only you, but those around you too

It really is possible to get a new set of teeth in one visit to the dentist!

“Teeth in a day”, is becoming widely known about, mainly because it is such a quick, easy and relatively painless procedure. At 77 Harley Street, we try and help every one of our patients feel good about themselves by solving their deep-rooted issues with their teeth and subsequently their appearance.

We have patients come to us on a daily basis who feel they are lacking in confidence because of the way they appear to others; which can apply especially to individuals who are in a very important job role and need to look their best at all times. If people become ashamed and feel that their appearance is holding them back or preventing them from securing a job etc., they will take drastic measures in order to cover up their teeth. These drastic measures can include never smiling, holding their hand over their mouth all the time and sometimes people avoid certain favourite foods and drinks in order to try and prevent further damage.

In order to help people get a quick and easy solution to their dental issues we, here at 77 Harley Street, now offer a procedure called: “Teeth in a day” which has been featured recently in the Mail online. The article points out that instead of attending several appointments; where certain procedures are carried out over the space of sometimes up to six months; teeth in a day sees the patient attend one appointment, instead of three and the need for temporary dentures is eliminated.

Teeth in a day also limits the amount of discomfort the patient has to endure during the whole procedure. Under the old procedure, the implants could take up to 4 or 6 months to fuse with the jaw which meant only when this has happened can the dental crown be fitted. This might be fine if you are only looking to replace a few teeth but if you are looking to replace a whole set, then the old procedure can drag out and be extremely costly.

As you can see from the fact that an article was recently featured in the Mail online, this procedure is relatively new but becoming very popular and has up to now, had a success rate of over 95%. So save yourself the trouble and pain of 4-6 months worth of dental work and get your teeth done in a day!

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