Roll back the years with dental implants

Implants – improving everyday life in older years.

Every year modern dentistry makes new and exciting leaps forwards in terms of what can be achieved to keep gums and teeth healthy, minimise tooth loss and keep procedures brief and pain-free.

One of the most significant dental achievements of recent decades has been the introduction and development of dental implants. With dental implants the clock can effectively be rolled back and teeth which have been lost, whether through gum disease, tooth decay or even trauma, can be replaced.

Traditionally the process of dental implants sees a titanium rod fitted into the jaw bone. Once established, a replacement tooth, usually porcelain, is attached. This new tooth looks acts and feels just like the real thing and with proper care can last decades. Thanks to dental implants thousands of patients have had their smiles restored and once again can smile without feeling self-conscious.

Building on the technology of traditional implants, same day dental implants have been developed and is fast growing in popularity thanks to the 95% success rate the procedure is having. Using this method, the four to six months it typically takes for the titanium rod to fuse with the jaw bone is dramatically reduced. Just four special implants are fitted and used to hold an arch of new teeth in place. The implants are angled to create optimum hold and secure the new teeth completely in place. In fitting fewer implants the process is less invasive and in using this method bone grafts and sinus lifts are often avoided.

Unlike traditional dental implants with same day dental implants the implant and teeth can be fitted in the same appointment, meaning patients can leave the dental clinic with a new, fresh smile!

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