Insights into ‘all on 4’ dental implants

Our Harley Street dentist explains the ‘teeth in a day’ process

all on 4 candidates in Harley StreetAll on 4 dental implant procedures are becoming increasingly common and are an excellent substitute for dentures which can be uncomfortable for some and have a tendency to become loose over a period of time.

With many ‘all on 4’ procedures taking just a single day to perform, they are both convenient and quickly effective for the patient.

Q. What is it like to eat when I have had all on 4 implants placed?

A. This procedure has a massive advantage over dentures. As the fixed bridge is held firmly in place by the implants, you will find that there are few, if any, restrictions on what you feel comfortable eating. Whilst dentures are held in place by the gums and inconsistent fixatives, in this case the fixed bridge is held in place by the implants enabling you to have a much stronger bite than would be possible with dentures. This is especially useful for the elderly whose nutritional intake can be compromised due to their inability to eat a wide variety of food.

Q. Will all on 4 implants and bridge look natural? I hate the way that dentures look.

To prevent them moving around in the mouth too much, dentures are often, by necessity, bulky and this can give a very unnatural appearance. With an all on 4 procedure though, because the bridge is held in place by the implants, there is no need for this bulkiness and they are therefore much slimmer and natural looking. Whilst most people take advantage, when having all on 4, to have whiter teeth, some do prefer a look that is more akin to their natural teeth colour. This is entirely possible as the artificial teeth can be made to any shade that is required.

Q. How easy is it to clean an all on 4?

This is another great advantage. As far as cleaning goes, you can think of them as being near identical to natural teeth. Whilst the teeth themselves will not decay though, you should make sure to take good care to clean the gums to prevent any onset of gingivitis and other gum diseases. As with natural teeth too, you should ensure that you visit our Harley Street dental practice on a regular basis to ensure that everything is progressing smoothly.

Q. Is there a 100% guarantee that the procedure will be successful?

A. No one can be 100% sure of any procedure being successful but this is a procedure which has an extremely high rate of success. Provided that you have been determined to be a good candidate for the procedure when you have your consultation, the biggest obstacle to any procedure involving dental implants is yourself. It is essential that you do not smoke for a period of time either side of the procedure as it is this is a significant cause of dental implants failing. Providing that you follow this advice and any other that your Harley Street dentist may give you, you should feel very confident indeed that the procedure will be successful.

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