Replace missing teeth in a single day

Teeth in a day – the ‘all on 4’ implants process in Harley Street

Right in the heart of London’s medical area, in Harley Street, there is a great opportunity for patients who have either lost a number of teeth or are currently wearing uncomfortable dentures, to have a new cosmetic dental procedure to correct this, known as ‘teeth in a day’.

For many people, this provides an excellent solution to giving them back the smile and confidence that has been lost due to either gaps in the teeth or for denture wearers, fear of their dentures becoming loose or even falling out.

Why Do Dentures Become Loose?

It is common after they have been worn for a number of years, for dentures to start to move around in the mouth and leaving the wearer feeling less than confident. This can cause a person to withdraw from social events for fear of them becoming loose and affecting their speech or in the worst case scenario, even falling out.

Whilst many people believe that this is due to the poor quality of the dentures, this is unlikely to be the case. What is far more likely is that the shape of the person’s face has changed. This happens when a number of teeth are missing, for a very simple reason. In the same way that muscle wastes away if not used, so does the bone in your jaw. If it no longer has to hold on to a tooth root, then it simply thins and gradually changes the shape of your face.


Apart from simply putting up with the inconvenience of having loose dentures, there are a number of options available.

Dental Implants

It is possible to replace each missing tooth with a dental implant although if you have several teeth missing or even a full arch, this would be extremely expensive, especially if a bone graft was also needed beforehand. For this reason, very few people choose this option.

Dentures attached by Dental Implants

A variation of the next procedure we will discuss is to use four mini implants to hold the dentures into place. Whilst this works for some people, it is not as popular, or effective as using a fixed bridge and the increasingly popular ‘all on 4‘ process.

All on 4 Procedure

This procedure is excellent for those who have lost a full arch of teeth especially. It is very popular because it can be done in our Harley Street dental practice in a single day.

Simply by placing 4 dental implants into an arch, the rear two of which are placed at 45 degree angles to provide the extra strength, a fixed bridge can be attached leaving you with a great looking set of teeth that will stay fixed firmly into place. The additional benefit to this procedure is that you simply clean them as you would your natural teeth meaning that there is no need to remove them.

This great way of having new teeth in a single day at our Harley Street practice is becoming increasingly popular, so why not arrange a consultation to discuss it with us if you are looking for a new smile.

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