Tackling fear of the dentist with minimally invasive procedures

Helping you to overcome dental phobia

How many people enjoy their visits to their dentist in London? Some people may say that they don’t mind it, but in reality, few people actually enjoy the visit though many are delighted at the results, especially after having cosmetic dental treatments that improve their looks and possibly the functionality of their teeth too.

concerned about a dental visitOn the other hand, a great many people will say that they hate visiting the dentist. This group can be broken down further into those that simply say that but exaggerate their fear and always attend, those who get a bit worked up about a forthcoming visit but still attend and those that are very afraid, and quite regularly cancel appointments as the fear becomes too intense.

Of course, like most phobias, the thoughts about what ‘may’ happen are actually far worse than the reality but for those who do suffer from this phobia in a severe manner, these are just words and they know exactly how they feel.

Unfortunately, the long term impact of not keeping regular appointments with your London dentist is not only that you will suffer with poor teeth and most likely end up having to have far more major dental work done at a later date than if you have kept them in good condition and had regular check ups but also, it can affect both your overall health and also your social life.

One problem which is likely to build up undetected over a period of time if dental appointments are not kept is the problem of plaque. This in turn causes gum disease which can lead to eventual tooth loss but will certainly lead to painful and sore gums as well as halitosis as the plaque is actually a collection of bacteria which emits gases as it munches away at the gums.

There is also a growing body of evidence that a build up of plaque is also an indicator that the person is at increased risk of heart problems and especially blocking of the blood vessels which lead to the heart.

Simply put, these risks are just not worth taking. The reality is that most dental visits result in virtually nothing being done to your teeth. Of course, sometimes work will need doing but many London dentists such as ourselves practise what is known as minimally invasive dentistry which in layman terms means that only the minimum necessary amount of work will be done in order to preserve as much of the original tooth structure as possible.

Naturally, there will be occasions when perhaps you need to consider more complex treatments like a dental implant for example. To anyone with a serious fear of dentists this does sound a terrifying experience but in reality of course, it is not. All procedures such as this are done using a powerful local anaesthetic which prevents pain from being felt; also our dentists are highly skilled people and it is not in their interests to cause unnecessary pain to patients.

For those with severe dental phobia, it may be possible to obtain something from your GP to steady your nerves or you can ask us about our conscious sedation dentistry which allows you to stay awake during a procedure albeit in a very relaxed state.

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