Enjoy the party season!

A new smile for Christmas from Dr Zybutz in Harley Street.

The Christmas party season is not far away and for many of us plans are well underway for that all important party! Whether it’s an office get together, meal with the family or a full on glamour and glitz ball looking good is the key to feeling confident.

Looking good can be achieved in many different ways, maybe a new haircut boosts your self-esteem or maybe it’s fitting into that little black dress after dieting! It can seem that looking good can be very expensive, and somewhat temporary! For women the investment into looking good may include a trip to the hairdressers, beautician, new make-up, shoes and outfit!

There is one area which many people could benefit from a little attention and that’s our teeth. And with all that smiling over the festive period, what better time of year than at Christmas to give your smile a little boost?

Our teeth are hardworking and over time show signs of age or neglect. If your teeth are stained and could do with a little Christmas sparkle, why not make a tooth whitening session part of your party preparations?

Tooth whitening is safe, quick and sees fantastic results. Using special lightening bleach, which is applied to the teeth using bespoke moulds, patients will see their teeth lighten by up to several shades. Once lightened the teeth will always be lighter than they were, though occasional top ups may be required to keep the teeth as bright as possible.

For those living in and around London why not visit a Harley Street cosmetic dentist? Since the 1800s Harley Street in Westminster has been synonymous with medical care and today is home to around 1500 medical practices. As well as specialist clinics and cosmetic surgeons, Harley Street is home to a number of private dental clinics, including 77 Harley Street.

Here at 77 Harley Street we specialise in offering a range of cosmetic procedures alongside traditional dentistry. Our state-of-the art clinic and comfortable surroundings aim to make patients feel at ease and relaxed. Our dedicated team of dental professionals are skilled in all kinds of dental procedures and understand how important your smile is.

To make an appointment to see how your smile could be improved please call 020 7580 9541.

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