Create the right impression

Imagine the impression you would create going to a job interview, on a blind date or wedding wearing stained clothes! Few of us would even consider it, yet many of us have badly stained or discoloured teeth which can be quickly and cost-effectively improved thanks to dental whitening treatments.

Most people consider their appearance important, taking time to brush hair, wash and don clean clothes at the least. Others amongst us dedicate hours in the beauty salon and hairdressers in the pursuit of looking good. Research from the Universities of Leeds and Central Lancashire indicates that the most important part of looking good is a white, evenly spaced set of teeth. The research, which asked participants to rate attractiveness based on varying smiles, uncovered evidence to suggest that a white smile is the human way of demonstrating health and vitality to a potential partner.

Teeth can become stained for a variety of reasons, some foods and drinks are widely recognised as likely to stain enamel but other factors can also play a part. Smoking can particularly stain teeth and even cause gum disease. Plaque can turn teeth yellow and some medication such as some antibiotics and iron tablets can add stains.

The toothpaste market is now flooded with a range of toothpastes which promise a whiter smile, in reality the pastes may give a temporary brightening effect but are not in contact with the teeth, and contain too little active ingredients, to make a long-lasting difference.

For a safe and noticeably brighter, whiter smile, professional teeth whitening is the best option. The process is quick, painless and can see teeth lightened by up to several shades. Here at 77 Harley Street, London, we are on hand to offer advice on not only teeth whitening but other cosmetic procedures such as dental implants and veneers.

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