Remedies for Badly Stained Teeth

Dental procedures to overcome the problem of teeth staining

Having stained teeth is a common occurrence, especially as we get older and our teeth have seen a fair amount of wear and tear. Perhaps we long for the whiteness of our younger teeth but feel resigned to the colour that we currently have. Whilst ageing is a factor in the colour of our teeth which gradually become more yellow as we get older, diet and lifestyle too has a large impact on them, especially if smoking and drinking are a part of the mix.

For very lightly stained teeth, sometimes something as simple as a tooth whitening toothpaste might help or perhaps a simple polish at the your London dental practice. For many people though, the discolouration of their teeth has gone past that stage and to restore the whiteness of their teeth requires a look at other methods to be effective. The most popular method to restore the whiteness of teeth at our London practice is the quick and inexpensive tooth whitening procedure. This procedure is non invasive and takes around an hour which means that you can have this done during your lunch break if you work locally in or around Harley Street in London. The procedure is simple; your gums and lips will be protected and a whitening gel put onto the teeth. This is left to do its work where it lightens the colour of the molecules inside your teeth. This is a very effective treatment which has instant results. It can be repeated regularly as well to keep your teeth great looking throughout your life.

Whilst this treatment is sufficient for many of our patients, some, such as long term heavy smokers for example may find that whilst it whitens their teeth somewhat, it does not do so to the degree that they had hoped for. For these people, we usually recommend dental veneers. These are ultra fine layers of ceramic which are placed onto the front of the teeth after the equivalent thickness has been removed. They can be made to any shade so as to look natural and once the fine layer has been removed from the stained teeth, these are attached using dental cement. Once fitted, they are trimmed down and polished to give a natural appearance and once placed, they should last for between 5 and 10 years.

Dental veneers can also be fitted by your London Harley Street dentist to hide a whole range of other problems too, such as cracks and small chips in the teeth and can even be used to close gaps. For more information about which treatment is most appropriate for you, contact us at our Harley Street practice and arrange to see a dentist who will advise you as to the best course of action.

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