Correcting Uneven Teeth the Easy Way

‘Instant’ orthodontics with dental veneers in Harley Street

Whilst most of us would like to have perfect and even teeth, this is not the reality for a great many of us. Most people have imperfections of their teeth no matter how well they take care of them. Even those who may have had orthodontics in the past may well find that their teeth become uneven later on in life. Those who are fortunate to have perfectly even teeth though will nearly always have some imperfections such as chips or cracks in at least one of their teeth. Whilst the treatment for this may vary depending on the individual case, most good dentists in London would agree that dental veneers are one of the better options to correct these problems.

Used as part of an overall smile makeover, dental veneers are a popular solution not only to straightening and correcting imperfections in teeth, but are also used for those people whose teeth are too badly stained to be corrected by a tooth whitening procedure.

Whilst composite resin can be used to make a dental veneer, this is generally seen to be a temporary measure and nearly every dentist in Harley Street, London would use porcelain instead as this looks better as it is more stain resistant but more importantly is significantly stronger.

In essence a dental veneer can be thought of in similar terms to a false fingernail in that it is attached to the front of a tooth. Prior to this though, an equivalent thickness of the natural tooth needs to be removed. This also allows options to use dental veneers to correct gaps in the teeth too although predominantly they are used for whitening or imperfection correcting.

When you visit your London dentist to have veneers fitted, he will take impressions of your teeth and discuss your needs with you and show you an impression of how your teeth will look once the veneers have been fitted.

The impressions that are taken are sent away to a dental laboratory for them to be made. Prior to the veneers being fitted, a tool, called a burr, is used to remove a very fine layer from the front of your teeth. Although this is not painful as such, it can cause a little discomfort and is therefore done using a local anaesthetic.  Once this has been removed, the veneers will be attached using dental glue and once your dentist (and you) is satisfied, the veneers will be trimmed to remove any excess and smoothed and polished to leave you with perfect looking teeth.

Provided that they are looked after, dental veneers should last for at least ten years and very often more and as they are made from porcelain, they are unlikely to stain significantly in this period of time. This means that for a simple visit to your dentist in London, you can have perfect teeth for more than ten years and put the smile back into your life.

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