Tooth Coloured Fillings for a Better Smile

Modern cosmetic fillings are nearly identical to the natural tooth

A lot of us take great care of our teeth, aware that our smile is one of our most important assets. We thoroughly and regularly clean our teeth and floss in between to ensure that decay does not become a problem. Along with the possible use of orthodontics to straighten our teeth, these actions should leave our teeth looking in great shape.

Often though, we forget about one obvious factor which can certainly spoil the appearance of our teeth and that is the fillings that we may have had for some time. Perhaps we have simply grown accustomed to the dark patches in our mouth where our teeth have been filled with amalgam but there is little doubt that having spent time and effort getting our teeth looking great, it does put a dampener on a smile when we reveal our fillings.

Of course, it is not simply out of spite that dentists have used amalgam fillings for years. There is little doubt that it is a highly effective filler that is strong and durable; it is just unfortunate that it creates such an unpleasant appearance. For many years, dental technicians and researchers have been looking for a substitute and although some have come along, the general feeling is that whilst these replacements have looked better, they simply didn’t offer the strength that was needed, especially when used on the rear teeth.

Recent advances though have led to great improvements in this area and tooth coloured fillings are now available at our Harley Street practice which have sufficient strength to be used even in the rear teeth in most cases, although in larger fillings your dentist may recommend amalgam if he feels that the white filling will not be suitable.

The tooth coloured filling is produced using a mixture of glass particles, resin and a setting agent and has a number of advantages over the traditional amalgam fillings on top of the obvious aesthetic one. First of all, the shade of white used can be matched to your existing tooth so that the filling appears to be a seamless part of your tooth and not a filling at all. Secondly, unlike amalgam, this new material does not expand over time causing potential further damage to the tooth. In addition of course, some people have concerns about the mercury used in dental amalgam; these new fillings contain no mercury at all thereby negating this possible issue.

In most cases, old amalgam fillings can be removed and the new material placed and we are sure that you will be delighted with the results. Not only will you now have a strong filling but one that means that when you smile, all that people will see are a perfect set of teeth, and what could be better than that! Please call our friendly team at 77 Harley Street to discuss our natural fillings options and other advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques. We will be pleased to welcome you for dental treatment.

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