Tooth Coloured Fillings in London

Aesthetic tooth repair with cosmetic fillings in Harley Street

For many years now, the standard approach to filling a tooth has been to fill it with an amalgam mixture which is a mixture of mercury with a variety of metals including silver and tin. This material was developed for its strength and in many ways it has done a great job over the years, however, there is no denying that an amalgam filling does not look pleasing and an increasing number of people have expressed concern at the use of mercury as a part of it, for health reasons.

Because of these factors, dental technicians and scientists have been looking at ways to phase this material out and have gradually come up with a composite resin filling which can be made to match the colour of your own natural teeth. Whilst this material has been used for a little while, it was generally largely avoided on the rear teeth as these take a lot of the strain from biting and chewing, and the resin alternative simply wasn’t strong enough for this purpose at this point.

Tooth coloured fillings in LondonRecent developments though have seen the manufacture of a composite resin material that is now strong enough to be placed into the rear teeth when they need to be filled. This has the properties that allow it to be moulded and shaped correctly without compromising its strength.

In fact, it generally holds its shape better than amalgam which very gradually expands over time and can cause the remaining enamel of the tooth to crack, sometimes meaning that a crown then has to be placed.

As always though, there is a downside in that the composite resin fillings take longer to be fixed and require a higher skill level to place them. This does mean that they are more expensive than amalgam fillings although an increasing number of people seem to feel that this is a price worth paying in order to have more natural and pleasing looking teeth.

Whether or not the mercury that is used in amalgam is harmful or not, and the jury seems to be out on this, there is little doubt that the composite resin natural fillings offer a nicer and more pleasant appearance for those who need to have fillings and in fact, a growing number of people are having their old amalgam fillings removed and replaced with this new material. This is perhaps because of a new emphasis on cosmetic dentistry and there seems little point in having your teeth whitened when the rest of them are filled with a dark amalgam mixture.

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