Straighter Whiter Teeth for Improved Confidence

Can cosmetic dentistry help you?

Have you ever been told to speak up or that you mumble when you talk? If so, you have probably dismissed the comments as being aimed at being the way that you are. For most people though, this often is not true and the mumbling is just an outwards sign of a lack of inner confidence.

In situations like this, this often stems from the knowledge that their teeth are not in great condition and we really don’t want people to notice this fact and so tend not to open our mouths very much when we speak which results in the mumbling.

In fact, the effects of this are likely to be accumulative; as we mumble and people find it hard to hold a conversation with us, they are likely to drift away and our social circle reduce in size. This in turn causes a further drop in confidence and so the cycle continues. Of course, there are many books available about how to boost confidence and some of these are, no doubt, very valuable; however, a more simple method is also to take a look at what can be done to improve the appearance of your teeth and give you the confidence to show them off in public.

Where to start you might ask. Well, the first thing to do is to arrange a consultation with our dental practice which is based in Harley Street at the heart of London’s medical area. Our top class dentists will examine you and make recommendations based on your own individual circumstances.

If you are really embarrassed about opening your mouth then there is a good chance that your teeth are crooked and uneven and you may need orthodontics. Sometimes this will mean having an adult brace fitted but in some circumstances dental veneers can be used to straighten the teeth out if they are not too uneven.

Any missing teeth can be replaced by using dental implants. These can also be used to replace dentures which can also cause people to refrain from speaking too much if they are unsure about their stability.

Once your teeth have been straightened and and gaps filled with implants and any other irregularities ironed out, then you will be ready for the final stage which is often a tooth whitening procedure. This is a quick and simple procedure that will increase the whiteness of your teeth quite dramatically and will make you want to show the world your new white teeth. There are occasions such as that of a heavy smoker where this procedure may not be sufficient; however dental veneers are usually a suitable alternative in these cases.

Unless there are other significant underlying issues for your lack of confidence, having just a few cosmetic dental treatments such as these should give you the confidence to smile and talk more openly and never give cause for your friends and colleagues to complain about your lack of clarity ever again.

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