Rediscover your smile!

Are you thinking that your teeth are looking a bit worse for wear and are wondering how you will cope if they get worse? Many people avoid everyday activities such as meeting new people, going shopping. Some people will make sure to cover their mouth when they smile because they are so unhappy and embarrassed by the way that their teeth look. Having imperfect teeth becoming increasingly common and people are turning to cosmetic procedures to correct the problem which they have to live with everyday.

One option to help you solve your imperfect teeth, is to think about have veneers and at one dental practice; 77 Harley Street, having dental veneers is one of the most popular procedures that they carry out. Many of their clients are looking to cover and correct defects such as cracking, staining and misalignment. There are other cosmetic procedures that people can have; such a teeth whitening. However, teeth whitening can not be used on staining and sometimes it does not have the desired effect: that is when individuals turn to veneers.

The procedure of having veneers fitted is relatively simple: it goes like this:

  • The underlying tooth surface is prepared by removing a small layer at the tooth surface so that the dentist can get a perfect fit.
  •  A dental impression is taken, which is sent to the lab where the technicians will construct the veneers according to the individual’s teeth.
  • Temporary veneers maybe fitted during this stage, but this is not always the case
  • When the patient visits next time, the teeth will be cleaned and the veneers are fitted firmly in place using a special dental bonding agent.

The same effect can be achieved by having braces fitted but many patients at 77 Harley Street, choose to opt for veneers because it is much quicker: which is why people call veneers “instant orthodontics”.

Dental veneers are made from thin layers of porcelain which fit over the remaining layer of tooth which cleverly cover up the underlying defects of the teeth. They are the equivalent to false nails, but these are designed for the mouth and last a lot longer.

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