Gum Contouring in Central London

Correcting those gummy smiles

We often hear about the importance of a great smile and how it helps to improve confidence and can help us to get on in our lives both socially and financially. Because of this, a lot of emphasis is put upon making a patient’s teeth look great whether through a simple whitening procedure or repairing or even replacing by one of the advanced methods such as a dental implant.

What we hear less about, perhaps as it doesn’t apply to so many people, is the importance of how our gums look. Usually the biggest complaint that we have by patients is that their gums are receding. Whilst this will often happen as the patient approaches their late middle or early old age, it can largely be prevented earlier in life through the avoidance of gum disease and having the relevant treatment to treat it if and when it does occur. What is less common but still a problem for a significant number of people is when the gum actually encroaches further down the length of the tooth than is ‘normal’. This effect is often referred to as a gummy smile. There can be a number of reasons for this happening; sometimes it is genetic but can also result from other health issues and even the side effects of some medication.

When it does occur, it can have an equal effect on a person’s ¬†confidence to smile as much as ¬†stained or crooked teeth. This in turn often causes the person to shy away from social occasions for fear of embarrassment.

Gummy Smile Treatment in Harley Street London

Whilst there is no medical issue with a gummy smile, the fact that the gums cover a significant part of a persons teeth can have a real effect on the way that their teeth appear as it usually, although not exclusively, occurs on the more visible front teeth.

There is though, a simple procedure which is available at our Harley Street practice which can correct this problem and is usually called ‘gum contouring‘. This involves the removal of the excess gum by using either a surgical scalpel or a special laser. This is not a painful process and is done quite quickly.

Initially a local anaesthetic is given which will numb the gum so that no pain is felt and the removal of the gum will then begin. The cosmetic dentist will also reshape the remaining gum to give it an even a natural appearance. On occasions the patient may also be recommended to have dental veneers or crowns fitted to improve their new smile even more depending on just how far they wish to take their ‘smile makeover’

As you would expect, there is a period following the procedure where the gums are allowed to heal and some soreness is only to be expected. However, the healing time is fairly short and afterwards you will be left with a smile that you will be proud of and you should find that your confidence is lifted too.

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