Can I afford Cosmetic Dental Treatments?

Cosmetic Dentistry in Harley Street – more affordable than you may think

Especially in these difficult financial times, cost is a major concern to each of us in all areas of our lives and this also applies to cosmetic dental treatment. When people look to make savings they tend to start off by making cutbacks in ‘luxury’ areas and many see cosmetic dentistry in this category.

This area of dentistry is not just about visual aspects and aesthetics – the results from high quality work performed by our skilled dental clinicians in Harley Street also offer major benefits in terms of the functionality of the teeth e.g. the ability to eat a full range of foods following dental implants.

dental treatment can make a big difference to your social and work lifeA little extra outlay in cosmetic dentistry can also actually turn out to be a good investment. An obvious example of this is someone applying for a high profile public role, for example a newsreader position on TV. Whilst other factors obviously also come into play, there is little doubt that few people want to see a mouth full of uneven yellow teeth staring at them from a TV screen. A little spending in this area can certainly improve your chances when applying for jobs, especially in certain areas of employment – optimal appearance and professional presentation is increasingly important as competition for jobs is fiercer than ever before.

But leaving the appearance factor aside, our dental health is important and can also increase our confidence which affects every aspect of our life. If we have uneven teeth, even if we have learned to live with them, we probably are more conscious about smiling and may come across as aloof and uninterested during conversations. This can have an impact both on our professional life and our social life too.

Neglecting our dental health can also have an impact on our overall health too according to some recent studies. It seems that a build up of plaque on our teeth can also affect our hearts and increase the risk of serious heart disease if not treated promptly.

Eating too can be difficult if we have poor teeth and can mean that we eat from a limited range of food stuffs that have minimum impact on our teeth. This in turn can mean that we fail to get the correct nutrition from our food aside from the obvious disadvantage of missing out on tasty treats!

If we take dental implant costs as an example, on face value they may appear to be a little expensive. However, if we consider longevity, in some cases lasting for twenty years and more and then compare this to maintaining dentures over a similar period, they are an attractive proposition.

At 77 Harley Street we also have 0% APR dental treatment financing available which helps you spread the cost of your cosmetic dental treatment over a period of time making it more financially manageable.

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