Modern dentistry for children

A Harley Street children’s dentist looking after your youngster’s teeth

Visiting a dentist is probably amongst the most common fears that people have. This is very likely because it is associated with a bad experience early on in life. If this fear becomes out of control, it can also lead to neglect of the teeth and equally, a reluctance to pass on to our children the importance of good dental care.

Thankfully, modern dental practices now mean that these bad experiences are very unlikely and this should be born in mind by those who have passed their fears on to their children. Here at 77 Harley Street, we pride ourselves on being an excellent children’s dentist based in London and have experienced staff within our practice who have the skills and experience that are needed to ensure that the children leave the practice with no residual fear.

If a child neglects to visit the dentist in their early tears, they are likely to build up many problems which may carry forward into their adult life. Visiting a children’s dentist will not only enable the dentist to spot and correct any problems such as decay etc but it is also an important way to learn about how to care for our teeth as we grow. An education such as this will enable the child, as they grow, to look after their teeth correctly, something they will be grateful for later on in life.

Of course we all know that most children like to eat sweets and therefore a good cleaning routine is essential as are regular check ups which can catch decay early on. There are though, other dental procedures which are important to a child as they get older, one of these being braces.

We would all like to have straight and even teeth but the reality is that we British are not famous for this. However this needn’t be the case and there are now many methods of correcting misalignment of the teeth through a process known broadly as orthodontics. Many of these methods are designed specifically for adults and are very discreet, for example “Invisalign” but there are also tooth alignment treatments that are suitable for children as they progress through the teenage years.

Above all though, it is important to help a child to conquer any fear that they may have of the dentist and ensure that they have a good future with healthy and good looking teeth. However superficial this may seem to some, research has shown that people with good teeth tend to be more confident and happy and have more success in both their professional and personal lives. No doubt this is exactly what we would want for our children so getting them off to a great start with a caring dentist is very important.

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