Paediatric Dentistry

Dental treatment for children in Harley Street

Most of us who have had children or know people who have, are fully aware of the craving for sugars that nearly all young children have. Given the amount of energy that they seem to expend, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised at their seemingly never ending intake of sweets. This intake though does also have the disadvantage of causing dental problems which may, if not controlled, form into a lifetime habit.

Although it is advisable for young children to attend a dentist even when they have their initial teeth, once these have been lost, it becomes even more important that they attend. This ensures that good habits are developed and oral health is preserved for as long as possible. Without this early discipline, children’s teeth can degrade very rapidly indeed.

children's dentistry in Harley StreetThis is not always easy to do and many children seem to have an inbuilt fear of visiting the dentist. This may be because of stories they have heard in the playground or perhaps depictions of dental procedures on TV, but as parents know, giving in to a child’s every wish is not good for them. In the main, we really do know better!

At 77 Harley Street, we are fully aware of the importance of getting children into good dental habits. In our practice we are very fortunate to have Dr Kamila Iwanski who is a fully trained paediatric dentist and who has also studied child psychology. Quite frankly, Kamila is great with children! This latter aspect is so important as although any dentist would be able to treat any problems a child may have;  doing so in a manner which keeps the child calm and reasonably happy is another matter altogether. These skills not only ensure that the child has a reasonably comfortable experience but is also encouraged to continue with future dental appointments.

At this early age in a person’s life, education about how to look after their teeth is very important. Whilst parents will naturally teach their children, for example, about how to brush their teeth, the chances are that advice has changed since they were themselves taught. Our paediatric dentist will be up to date with the latest methods and be able to get the child into these good habits early on.

Education, not only about how to clean the teeth, but on diet and other related information too is important for the child to be able to have good teeth. Even the conscientious teenager who avoids sweets and believes that they eat healthily for example may be surprised to discover that apple juice is one of the worst things for anyone to drink as far as there teeth are concerned. In fact, this otherwise healthy drink is more likely to stick to the teeth than many commercial sugar filled drinks. Of course, that isn’t to say that these should not be drunk but our advice that cleaning the teeth as soon as possible afterwards will help to counteract the adverse effects.

So, if you want your children to have great teeth and get into good habits that will help prevent the need for invasive dental procedures later on, why not book an appointment for your child with our Harley Street paediatric dentist now.

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