Dental Care For Your Family

Caring dentistry – young or old!

Whilst much advertising of dental care and dental products focuses on adults, a dental practice caters for a wide age range of patients from the very young to the very old. Through the ages dental care is very important to keep your teeth in great shape throughout your life. The type of treatments that are provided will inevitably depend on the age of the patient to a great extent and, because of this, it is important to find a good quality dental practice which is able to cater for this. Here at 77 Harley Street Dental Practice, we pride ourselves on being one of the top children’s dentists in Central London and pride ourselves not only on our treatments but on the way that we communicate with our patients and especially the younger ones.

Failure to communicate effectively with children and empathise with them is one of the reasons that children gradually drift away from keeping regular dental appointments as they get older and more in control of their own dental care. Good communication on the other hand, usually means that the child feels confident about visiting a dentist and has significantly less chance of developing dental fear as they get older.

In fact, our highly experienced children’s dentist is not only fully qualified in dental care but has studied child psychology which enables her to communicate effectively with them and helps to ensure that they develop good dental care from early on in their life, something that will hold them in good stead for many years to come.

By being able to communicate well with young children, it becomes easier to help them to understand the importance of looking after their teeth. It is also a useful stage of development to teach them how to effectively brush their teeth. Whilst many parents encourage their children to clean their teeth, techniques have advanced and this means that we can teach the children the most effective way. This kind of help and advice means that there is less chance of them needing treatment as often as they may otherwise have done.

By helping and encouraging children to look after their teeth, we are also enabling them to pass on this care to their own children later on in life.

Of course, there will be times when children need dental treatment. We all know that kids are prone to be adventurous and occasionally this results in accidents including damage to their teeth and we have a wide range of treatments here at 77 Harley Street to correct this damage; from a simple filling to dental crowns, we have something for everyone.

So, if you have children and want them to have good teeth throughout their life, why not arrange a consultation for them here in our Central London dental practice.

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