Protecting your Child’s Teeth for Life

Children’s dentistry in Harley Street, London

Once a child’s ‘milk’ teeth have fallen out, they will only get one more set which will have to see them through the rest of their lives. Naturally children can’t be expected to understand this or to fully understand, at an early age, how to care for their teeth properly; this responsibility lies with the parents.

Whilst our own parents most probably did all that they could to keep our teeth strong and healthy, the fact is that there simply wasn’t the knowledge or technology then to help them. Nowadays though, armed with information and top quality children’s dentists in London like our very own in Harley Street, a child now has a good chance of having strong and healthy teeth for a very long time indeed.

Good teeth however, are not a given, and care needs to be taken to keep them this way. One important factor when very young is to ensure that a good diet is maintained as this will help keep the teeth, and the rest of the body, strong and healthy. Reports have indicated that the vitamins and minerals which we need in our diet are not as prevalent in the vegetables we eat as they once were so great care should be taken to ensure a sufficient intake of the necessary nutrients to meet the requirement.

Once this has been established, the next step of course is to make sure that the child keeps his or her teeth clean. Even a simple factor like choosing a toothbrush with their favourite character on it can encourage them to clean their teeth on a regular basis. The same can be said of toothpaste though do ensure that it does contain fluoride as this will help to strengthen the teeth.  Initially, encourage them to clean their teeth at the same time as you; by doing this they will watch and learn from the way that you brush your own teeth (it may act as a reminder to you also to take care when brushing your teeth). Get them into the habit of doing this at least twice a day and perhaps more if they have managed to have a feast of sugary sweets which should be avoided, although as parents know, this is not always possible. Also note that apple juice is something that many parents give to their children as it is healthy, however, it also sticks to the teeth and is a major cause of decay in children. It is best to restrict its use if possible and to encourage drinking through a straw as this helps to reduce contact with the teeth.

So, a good diet and oral health regime should ensure good dental health. However, good oral health care simply is not enough without regular visits to a dental practice. This will help to spot any minor decay or gum disease long before it causes any major damage. We are fortunate in our practice to have an excellent paediatric dentist, Dr. Kamila Iwanski who is highly trained in both children’s dentistry and also child psychology, enabling her to communicate efficiently with the children which is essential for teaching them the best way to care for their teeth.

Whilst we certainly can’t legislate for any accidents that our children may have that damage the teeth, or indeed their dental care after they have left home, giving them a good start in life will at least encourage them to make the best of their teeth and to take good care of them.

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