Keep your little ones smiling!

Dental care from an early age counts.

Since 1973 the Office of National Statistic has undertaken a national survey into the state of children’s teeth. The last survey, carried out in 2003, saw a random selection of 5,8,12 and 15 year olds have a dental examination followed by a questionnaire on dental health for their parents to complete.

The results of the survey are encouraging; within the 12 year old category the results showed few incidences of decay or dental treatment and the findings concluded that 12 year olds in England have the best teeth in Europe! The results also showed that 57% of 5 year olds, 62% of 12 year olds and 50% of 15 year olds had never experienced tooth decay.

early years dentistry in Harley StreetThese results are great news for the nation’s children, and attributed to better dental health promotion and the hard work done by dental professionals to reduce anxiety about trips to the dentist.

Here at 77 Harley Street we understand that a trip to the dentist can be unsettling for children and exhausting for mum and dad! Therefore we have a dedicated children’s dentist on the team. Kamila, is not only a highly experienced dentist but is focused on giving children a positive experience every time they visit the dentist’s chair.

Establishing good dental hygiene habits when young is essential to ensuring a lifetime of healthy teeth. Children should be encouraged to get involved with looking after their own teeth from as early an age as possible by brushing their own teeth (with mum or dad finishing the job!) Brushing twice a day is essential to proper tooth care and parents should ensure their children use fluoride toothpaste appropriate to the child’s age. As we all know sweets and sugary drinks are not great news for teeth so keeping them to a minimum is important. When indulging in a sweet treat try to encourage your child to have them at meal times, this minimises the contact your child’s teeth will have with the acids created by eating sweets.

Parents can also help their children by setting a good example; regular brushing and flossing as well as frequent check-ups. If you find you do need treatment, talk to your children about it and be positive.

To arrange an appointment with Kamila our children’s dentist, simply call 0207 5809541.

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