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Insights into ‘all on 4’ dental implants

Our Harley Street dentist explains the ‘teeth in a day’ process All on 4 dental implant procedures are becoming increasingly common and are an excellent substitute for dentures which can be uncomfortable for some and have a tendency to become … Continue reading

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Paediatric Dentistry

Dental treatment for children in Harley Street Most of us who have had children or know people who have, are fully aware of the craving for sugars that nearly all young children have. Given the amount of energy that they … Continue reading

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When are Dental Veneers Used?

How our Harley Street dentist works with veneers Dental veneers are sometimes thought of as ‘false fingernails for teeth’. This is because they are applied in a similar manner by being attached to the front of a tooth. The procedure … Continue reading

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The art of minimally invasive dentistry

Doing only what is necessary…. It’s probably fair to say that not too many people really enjoy visiting a dentist, and whilst some may certainly be less concerned about it than others, most patients simply want to get away with … Continue reading

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